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Here's an urgent message for webmasters, SEO consultants and Internet marketers...

"The Amazing Story Of How An Indiana Nerd Who Failed To Get Any Search Engine Rankings For Over 5 Years And Swears He Now Gets Top Rankings Every Time — Within As Little As 28 Days!"

... The Amazing Part Is, He Does It
All With A Single Click Of A Button.
(And Now You Can, Too!)"


— Brad Callen

"What you're about to uncover is unlike anything you've seen, heard or tried before. It's NOT another costly search engine optimization (SEO) service, outdated search engine 'how-to' program, or complex software that uses illegal or unethical tricks to gain top search engine rankings. Instead, you can...

  • Ethically spy on outranking competitors that are stealing your best prospects — and then steal their winning edge!

  • Gain top search engine rankings for multiple keywords in as little as a few days in all the major search engines.

  • Instantly learn everything humanly possible about your site, the websites of your linking partners and the websites of your competitors — at the single click of a mouse!

  • Cut your link campaign workload in half by automating the process of managing your linking partners as easily as 1-2-3 — and stop freeloaders dead in their tracks!

  • And build near-unstoppable streams of qualified traffic to your websites for as long as you want. So you get more sales, more subscribers, more profits and much less work.

"Read this letter and view the FREE demo videos below to learn the awesome power, speed and ease of use of this radical new SEO tool that will drive your rankings through the roof!

"Plus, for a very limited time, you get FREE lifetime upgrades... So you don't have to worry about the search engines changing their rules (as they do all the time). It's all done for you!

"(Once you start using it and see not only how fast and easy it is to use, but also how many qualified, eager-to-buy visitors — and profits! — you're leaving on the table, you'll kick yourself silly for not knowing about it earlier.)

"Find out what SEO Experts, webmasters, and Internet marketers like Sean Burns, Jeff Alderson, Aaron Wall, Jean Lam, Morgan Carey, Sean McPheat and dozens of others, endorse...


From: Brad Callen
Indianapolis, IN
Thursday, 5:25 p.m.

Dear Traffic Seeker,


o you're tired of your competitors hoarding all your best prospects for themselves. And if you're anything like me, you're also tired of trying to find the light at the end of the search engine tunnel.

In fact, you're probably working at getting top rankings in the search engines, the kind of rankings that can literally bombard your website with top quality leads and prospects...

... while ignoring your most important and best use of your time, which is to work on and grow your business.

Imagine consistently squashing your competition in the search engine wars by clicking a single button to ethically spy on them and then beating them to the punch — every single time.

Imagine having a constant flow of highly targeted, ready-to-buy traffic to your website, within just a few days... traffic you couldn't stop even if you tried.

Well... Now you CAN!

In a moment, I'll let you in on a "secret" tool that has generated more traffic  than I could ever possibly imagine, both legally and ethically, for me and hundreds of others. But first, let me ask you this...

What Would It Be
Worth To You If...

... you had access to this "secret" weapon, and used it to "one up" your competitors and beat them at the search engine game?

What would it be worth to you if you could slash your link campaign work hours in half, and stop fighting the search engine wars so that it frees up your time to do what you do best?

What would it be worth to you if you had ALL the tools in your arsenal you'll ever need to grab a top-10 search engine ranking... and turn on an overflowing traffic tap that pulls in massive amounts of leads in mere seconds?

But above all...

What would it be worth to you if you could easily double, triple and even quadruple your online sales with no extra marketing or effort?

Well, you're about to uncover a unique and powerful, easy-to-use tool that does exactly of all of those things... And even more!

Hi. My name's Brad Callen.

And I've been a Webmaster and SEO consultant for quite some time now. I've achieved top search engine rankings for hundreds of different search terms.

I've mastered the secret to what it takes to grab a #1 position on all 5 of the major search engines (which, as you know, feeds most other search engines out there). That means top rankings in multiple search engines!

Even though some people in my profession know the same, there's something I must confess. Sometimes I just hated all the meticulous work that went into SEO and link campaigns. I got sick of it!

It's Tiring, Boring And Gives
You A Ton Of Headaches!

(I'm sure you know how it feels!)

Well instead of whining, I did something for personal, selfish reasons. I took the time to create a unique tool to help me speed up the process, save me loads of time and, above all, give me the results I wanted.

I fine-tuned it again and again. And after months of testing and tweaking, this tool now works like gangbusters! I still can't believe how great it works.

Let me prove it to you with one of my websites.

Keep in mind this traffic is 100% free, long lasting and top quality. And it wasn't achieved by using any type of doorway pages or other tricks. Check out the screenshot below, which is a copy of my traffic log program...

You'll notice the website is averaging 7,256 visitors per day and...

... Close To 220,000 Unique Visitors
For The Month Of June (Only)!

Also notice the increase of a whopping 2,500 visitors average per day from the month of May to June. In a little less than a month, that's a huge 51.4% increase per day in high quality traffic!

Imagine what you could do with that much traffic!

But traffic alone is never enough. The bottom line is the quality of that traffic. To show you, let's see how that translates into sales and profits. Here's an 8-day earnings screenshot of 2 of the products I promote from that website...

Imagine making nearly $5,000 profit every 2 weeks!

Well, now's your chance to profit handsomely from it, too.

Why? Because, after so many of my friends and clients were asking me how I was achieving such great rankings, I've decided to unleash this powerful tool and make it available to people just like you and me!

In a moment, you'll understand why this "secret weapon" is, hands-down, the most powerful search engine optimization tool on the planet.


Link CheckerSEO Elite™ Version 2.0

The Internet's Most Powerful
SEO Link Management Software!

SEO Elite™ 2.0 literally reveals the winning linking structures of any of your competitor's websites. So you can copy how they're doing it and improve on it to grab a coveted top-10 search engine spot.

And keep that spot consistently!

(For as long as you want.)

This software will make your life as an SEO, webmaster or Internet marketer easier — and achieve results far more quickly and effectively — because it shaves hours off of managing or developing link campaigns that work.

Put this software into action and it goes to work immediately to check on your link partners — alerting you when your link partners are freeloading on you.

When link partners are not reciprocating, your page rank suffers. Also, if you have a link partner who's site has been penalized or his page rank has plummeted, it can bring yours crashing down, too.

SEO Elite™ 2.0 prevents this from happening.

It can help you avoid another common problem regarding linking campaigns. Here's what I mean: As you probably already know, some people will stick your link text on some page that doesn't match the theme of your website.

The result? Your link gets drowned out by hundreds of other links on that same page — what good will that do sending traffic to your website? None!

But it does more than that!

Above all, not only are you going to achieve top rankings, you also regain the lost traffic (and profits!) you're currently losing to outranking websites...

So You're Always Going To Stay A
Step Ahead Of Your Competitors!

Enter your competitor's website into SEO Elite™ 2.0, click a button, and this powerful tool shows you anything and everything your competitor is doing to rank so well — instantly! —  whenever and as many times as you want to.

SEO Elite™ 2.0 is amazingly simple to use.

Here, I've set up 3 short demo videos of the system (about 5 minutes each) so you can see a few features of SEO Elite™ 2.0 in action.

Demo Video #1: "Find High Page
Rank Link Partners And More!"

This demo shows you how you can analyze your competitor's websites so you know exactly what you need to do to outrank them. (You'll be amazed once you see this in action!)

This demo also illustrates how you can use SEO Elite™ 2.0 to find valuable, high page rank link partners with no sweat!

Click here to view this 4-minute video.

Click to view this short video.

Demo Video #2: "Are Your Link
Partners Still Linking Back?"

This demo shows you how you can use SEO Elite™ 2.0 to monitor your current link partner's status.

It also illustrates how to find exactly where your website is ranked for a specified keyword in Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, Altavista, or MSN.

Click here to view this 9-minute video.

Click to view this short video.

Demo Video #3: "Learn Why Any
Website Ranks So Well On Google."

This demo shows you how SEO Elite™ 2.0 reveals to you EXACTLY why a specified website ranks so well on Google. (This is powerful!)

Also, in it I analyze the #1 ranked website for the term "search engine optimization," and reveal to you why they rank #1 on Google!

Click here to view this 5.5-minute video.

Click to view this short video.

Now that you've seen some brief demos and you've heard me claim that with SEO Elite™ 2.0 at your side, you can far more easily send your website into the top-10 search engine positions. (Which potentially means more sales!)

I know what you're wondering right now. You might be asking...

"OK, Brad, But What Will
SEO Elite™ Do For Me?"

Here's what all of this means to you. SEO Elite™ 2.0...

  1. Discovers how any page ranks at the top of the Search Engines. And that goes for the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista and Alltheweb. Finally, the keys to command top-10 listings are yours in mere seconds with SEO Elite™ 2.0!

  2. Instantly finds hundreds of high page rank websites in your field. That way, you know who among your competitors are doing well. By the way, this is one of the most powerful features of the software, because there are entire tools created to do only this single feature!

  3. Analyzes everything concerning your backlinks. Everything humanly possible! Become a "secret detective" that snoops on your competitors and partners (and gain a winning edge by knowing what 99.9% of other websites don't!) by instantly uncovering...

  • The page your link is located on;

  • Whether or not they're still linked back to your website;

  • The Google Page Rank of their links page;

  • The Alexa Rank of your link partner's website;

  • The page title of the webpage your link resides on;

  • The anchor text surrounding your link;

  • The total number of times a specified keyword appears within your anchor text;

  • The percentage of websites that a specified anchor text exists within your anchor text;

  • The total number of outbound links on the page your link resides (i.e., how many competing links are there);

  • The total number of all links (both internal and external) on the the webpage your link resides;

  • "Whois search" on the website your link resides on;

  • The email address of the website your link resides on;

  • The link popularity of the page your link resides on;

  • The average page rank of all websites pointing to yours;

  • And the number of PR0-10 websites linking to yours.

  1. Searches for Super Affiliates willing to promote your products. By learning who's promoting who, you access star-affiliates promoting your competitors (or related products and services), and can capture a piece of the action! Again, entire tools — some costing upwards of $97! — exist for this single feature. But it's all included in SEO Elite™ 2.0.

  2. Shows immediately which partners are still linking back to you. This feature alone slashes your workload time in half or more! No need to manually follow-up with each and every linking partner.

  3. Allows you to do a backlink search on all major search engines. This includes Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, Altavista, MSN, as well as Google 2 and Google 3. (Most other software ignore the last 2!)

  4. Learns how many pages each major search engine has indexed. This is very important when optimizing your webpages. It's good to keep a close eye on how long it takes for your pages to get indexed. And SEO Elite™ 2.0 instantly tells you how many pages there are.

  5. Notifies where your website is ranked for ANY search term. Plus, it does so on all of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, MSN and Altavista. (Pretty fast, too!) So you monitor your ranking, and know when it's high or if it ever slips for whatever reason!

  6. Analyzes special search commands on Google — such as "allinanchor, allintext, and allintitle". This will help you know which area you need to better optimize; whether it is your anchor text surrounding your links, the number of times the keyword is found in your text, or the number of times your keyword is found in the title of each webpage.

  7. Finds exactly which websites your competitors are advertising on. This is a great way to find websites to advertise your product. If your competitor has advertised on a specific website for months, the you know it's profitable — and now you can steal their spot!

  8. Allows you to eliminate any penalized websites you link to. In other words, by knowing which link partners have been penalized by Google, you can quickly take corrective action before it gets to you! This is a great feature that ensures you NEVER get penalized, too.

  9. Plus much more!

Quite simply, no other application in the world compares to the power of this brand-new, cutting edge software. And no other application in the world can nearly guarantee YOU a #1 Search Engine Ranking!

Look at it this way. The software pays for itself in no time. It does so in both time saved and money made from using it. But don't just take my word for it.

Read What Some SEO Experts, Who've
Had The Chance To Try It, Are Saying ...

"It took less than 2 minutes to find out that several of my reciprocal link partners were no longer linking to me... And that was only one of the features I've played around with! Plus, knowing the Page Rank, anchor text AND number of outbound links is simply invaluable! SEO Elite™ is extremely helpful and easy to use."

— Jeff Alderson, Creator
Adwords Analyzer
Traffic Equalizer

"Anyone who is serious about achieving top 10 rankings on Google knows that getting links to your site is of the utmost importance. They would also know that monitoring those links can become a nightmare.


"SEO Elite™ will literally save me thousands of dollars when I consider the time that I 'waste' monitoring them manually. Basically, anyone who exchanges links needs your software. Thanks :-)"

— Sean Burns, Author
"Rankings Revealed"

"My niche in the SEO community is to find new and effective tools to help other SEOs and webmasters gain top positions (in the search engines).


"I have reviewed tons of software and have yet to find another link analysis tool with as many features as SEO Elite, let alone at it's bargain basement price. I am wondering why Brad hasn't raised the price yet."

— Aaron Wall, Expert
Professional SEO

"This invaluable tool not only provides a method of managing your link exchange efforts, it also saves you valuable time that can be used obtaining more links and optimizing your on-page efforts."

— Barry Schwartz, President
RustyBrick, Inc.
Editor of Search Engine Roundtable

"I think this tool is a really good resource, not only for keeping an eye on your reciprocal link exchanges, but also surveying the different anchor texts used for your links, I can foresee lots of uses for this puppy."

— Morgan Carey (SEO Guy)
Professional SEO

"I've just used your SEO Elite™ program, and my first reaction is 'Wow! What an eye-opener!' With just a quick glance, I could see so much I didn't realize before.

  • "First, most of my link partners are still linking back to me, but many are not.

  • "Second, nearly all of them are using the same anchor text, which is something I will try to get some of them to change, so that it will be a little more diversified.

  • Third, it was very handy to see how many links are on the page from which they have my link.

  • Fourth, knowing the title of the page from which they have my link is very useful info.

"Now I can easily see that my 'theme' is being held quite nicely. Very few links are from non-themed pages, as the title of those pages clearly shows. The analysis was quick, and the reporting features are perfect.


"All in all, I'd say this program is exactly what I needed to help me stay on course with link management. It shows me just what I need to focus my next tasks on. This is a killer tool! Thank you."

— Donna D. Fontenot, Author
"Google Ranking Tips"

"You've done me and my internet marketing clients a great favor by developing SEO Elite.™ SEO Elite easily saves us several hours a week on our linking campaigns.


"And TIME IS MONEY! My clients, who are mostly non-techies LOVE the simplicity of SEO Elite. And it really takes the guesswork out of reciprocal linking campaigns.

"No more guessing whether link partners are linking back, and no more fear of getting penalized by Google for over- optimizing anchor text. I can now access all this information and more at the touch of a button. Thank you for making me and my clients happy!"

— Fabian Lim
Internet Marketing Consultant

But if these search engine expert still don't convince you...

Here's More Proof That SEO Elite™ 2.0
Helps You Achieve A Top 10 Ranking...

Success Story #1

#1 on Google for "flower delivery uk"
#5 on Google for "flower delivery"
Achieved within 2 months!

"Brad, I wanted to let you know how well SEO Elite has worked for my client's website. About 45 days ago his site was nowhere to be found in Google.


"After using SEO Elite to analyze his website and their competitor's sites, I was able to make some changes to his on-page and off-page ranking factors as indicated by the software.


"Well guess what? This morning I checked the rankings and his site is now #1 on Google for 'flower delivery uk' AND #5 for 'flower delivery'!


"This is just the beginning, as I'm sure I will getting lots more business after showing off these results. Looking forward to the days to come!"

— Stuart McCombie

Success Story #2

#1 on Google for "indian suits"
#1 on Yahoo for "indian dress"
#1 on Yahoo for "indian dresses"
#1 on Yahoo for "indian suits"

Achieved within 2 months!

"Just wanted to send you an update on one of my websites. After a solid 2 months of using your software to analyze our competitors, we're ranked in the top 2 on both Google and Yahoo for 4 different search terms!"


"Keep up the good work, Brad.

— Gaurav Kumar

More Traffic Proof!
Diet Related Website

This is a dieting website I started several months ago.
It now receives a whopping 34,000 visitors a month!

Even More Traffic Proof!
Health-Related Website

This is a very niche website that sells 1 specific product.
The site now receives over 16,000 visitors a month!

SEO Elite™ 2.0 gives you the keys to more "airtime" for your website thus sending more traffic your way — which means more sales, and your chance to recoup profits lost to outranking competitors!

It's funny, but there are so many testimonials for SEO Elite™ that people have actually complained about there being too many.

So what I've done is placed more testimonials endorsing this software at the end of this webpage, if you'd like to read more. But for now...

... The Ultimate Question Is,
"How Much Is It Going To Cost?"

You've seen how easy SEO Elite™ 2.0 works. You've seen firsthand results of how it made one of my websites a success. And you've just seen a ton of testimonials from recognized SEO experts and clients.

By now, you're probably wondering how much your investment in it is.

Well, think about this.

Let's say each hour you spend managing your link campaign is worth $25. (And that doesn't take into account the money you could make if you spent it on other, more productive marketing activities.)

OK, let's also say you spend at least — and that's bare minimum! — 3 hours every 2 weeks managing your link campaign. That comes out to $150 a month of your time (that's up to $1,950 a year) just for managing your link campaign.

Now think about the amount of money you would spend hiring a professional search engine optimizer to get your website to the top of the search engines.

Most SEOs charge upwards of $2,000 a month!

So, in one month's time you'll spend over $2,150 managing a linking campaign and optimizing your website. That's over $25,000 a year!

Now consider this.

SEO Elite™ 2.0 is yours forever for only $97. Compare that to $2,150 worth of your time spent each and every month managing your link campaigns and optimizing your website. The savings are astronomical.

Plus, You Save Even More Money By
Dumping Other Costly Traffic Methods!

In other words, compare $97 to over $25,000 a year. That doesn't even include the money you probably spend on pay-per-click search listings.

Why is that important? Because if you use SEO Elite™ 2.0, there is no need to use PPC search engines anymore! It will help you get 100% FREE traffic from all of the major search engines, naturally and ethically, forever!

And when you factor in the increased website traffic you'll get by "one-upping" your competitor's search engine listing, that means more sales.

And more money for you.

SEO Elite™ 2.0 really does pay for itself.

That's why you have SEO experts, webmasters and astute Internet marketers buying this software like crazy. In fact, since word is getting out about SEO Elite™ 2.0, let me warn you, you don't want a competitor using it against you.

Because they can use SEO Elite™ 2.0 to neutralize your linking structure by quickly coming up with one that's always better than yours.

Thus you always stay behind their website.

Listen, you don't want that to happen to you. That's why now's the perfect time to download SEO Elite™ 2.0. One your acceptance is processed, you can immediately access and download your copy of SEO Elite™ 2.0.

My Can't-Fail, Unprecedented,
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

To make it easier for you to download it, I'm giving you a 90-day guarantee.

Go ahead and download SEO Elite™ 2.0 today. Then, use it to discover how to create a winning linking structure that nails top ten search engine listings. Put that into action and enjoy the sales that pour in.

If after doing that, within 90 days you aren't thrilled with SEO Elite™ 2.0, then just say the word and I'll refund your money with no questions asked. And we'll still part as friends. Fair enough?

But wait! There's more...

Try SEO Elite™ 2.0 today and you'll get the following absolutely free...

Free Lifetime Upgrades ($499.95 Value)

Plus, For A Limited Time, You Also
Get A Very Special "Mystery Bonus"

We closely monitor the SEO world and quickly add new features to SEO Elite™ as the search engines change. Plus, you're also going to receive a very powerful mystery bonus, which you will absolutely love!

Caution: But you better hurry, because at the rate the software is selling right now, I can't allow too many people to get these free bonuses for long. In fact, I'm going to revise this in the next 4 days. If you don't get your copy today, you might lose out.

The Choice Is Yours. Isn't Time
You Win The Search Engine War?

Right now, you're just moments away from having a simple, easy to use, "one-click" software program that ferrets out what your competitors are doing to get higher search engine listings than you.

You're going to discover exactly how to achieve and consistently maintain — for as long as you wish — high search engine rankings.

Plus, you'll know everything humanly possible about your competitor's linking strategy, and you'll know EXACTLY, in an instant, why they rank so well in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Another thing.

You'll free up hours your time from doing the labor of managing a link campaign. In my experience, that's worth more than 10 times your investment in SEO Elite™ 2.0.

What's more, the boost in traffic and sales that comes in as a result of using SEO Elite™ more than pays for your investment in it. Many, many times over. And you can see for yourself that it does all this at zero-risk.

From all that you've seen here today, it's a no-brainer. Do it now while it's fresh on your mind. Plus, you get the additional bonuses, which may disappear in as little as 4 days, if you don't act now.

Your choice is clear, download SEO Elite™ 2.0 now!

SEO Elite™ Version 2.0
No-Risk Acceptance Form

YES! Brad, I want SEO Elite™ 2.0. I'm excited about how it can reveal the exact blueprint I need to nail top 10 search engine listings and keep them for as long as I want.

I'm also excited about how it'll revolutionize the way I manage link campaigns and cut my work managing link campaigns in half!

No wonder ONLY SEO Elite™ 2.0 receives all the endorsements it has! Nothing else comes close to matching its capabilities, ease of use and proven, track record of top results.

So I'm investing $97 to put SEO Elite™ to the test.

I understand that not only SEO Elite™ pays for itself many times over in work hours saved and money made from increased traffic, but I also enjoy an unprecedented 90-day money back guarantee with this limited offer. So I'm fully protected.

If I'm not 100% satisfied with SEO Elite™ 2.0 for any reason, I can get my money back, no questions asked.

Also, because I'm ordering today, the following bonuses are mine.

  • Free lifetime software upgrades (a $499.95 value).
  • Plus I'm getting a mystery bonus that I'm going to love!

Sounds like a great deal to me. So here's my information, which I understand you'll never sell, rent or trade with anyone ever. And I can order with confidence, as this is a 100% secure server.


Brad Callen
Bryxen Software™
SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer

P.S. Frankly, nothing else on the market compares to what SEO Elite™ 2.0 does for you. That's why the leading authorities on SEO, as well as top webmasters and savvy Internet marketers, are endorsing SEO Elite™ 2.0 instead of the knock-offs. Find out why! Get SEO Elite™ 2.0 now!

P.P.S. If you're not convined yet, take a look at this. Jean Lam, one of the Internet's best SEOs, recently sent me the following testimonial after using SEO Elite™ 2.0. Jean has hundreds of #1 ranked terms on Google.

Hi Brad, I just downloaded your software, SEO Elite, and I've got to admit I'm impressed with it. As a search engine marketer and internet marketer, I found your software extremely useful and effective.


"It will definitely saves me lots of time for I use to check my link partners manually to make sure they are still linking back. Locating link partners who are not serious is a breeze now.


"Furthermore, the backlinks feature is really powerful. It can check which websites are in your backlinks in ALL of the major search engines and what anchor texts are being used for your site PLUS the Page Rank of the page where your site is on. That's useful information.


"Also, when your site is detected on another site, it shows how many outgoing links are on that page where your link is on. That is very interesting to know about.


"To conclude, I would say you've developed a very rare piece of software that would simply be invaluable for any search engine marketer.


"Best of luck with it."

— Jean Lam, SEO Expert
With hundreds of #1 ranked terms and


Here's Just A Few Of Countless Testimonials
I Receive From Regular Clients Like You!

"After typing in the URL of my own links page and clicking a button, SEO Elite™ not only told me whether my link partners still linked back, but also how many other links were competing for the PR of that links page as well as the PR of the page linking to me -- that's dynamite information that can streamline your own linking efforts as well as spy on your opposition.


"This software is so easy to use, and now I don't need to keep a record of all those pages my link partners have listed me on -- SEO Elite™ finds them automatically. Simple concept, slick intuitive execution, valuable product. I am going to be using this tool a lot!"

— Andrew Williams,
Webmaster, SEO Consultant

"Wow... Awesome job Brad... this software is amazing, I just got it two days ago and I am already having success with it. Now, I know exactly what I need to do to get my site to dominate in the search engines. I REALLY enjoy knowing all the PR's of each site, this way I know who to focus on for getting incoming links. Thanks man!"

— Anik Singal, Creator
Affiliate Upsell System

"I've been using SEO Elite for almost a month now and it is nice to find a product that actually feels like its worth more than I paid for it. I've got broadband and it's pretty unbelievable how quickly it checks my entire link directory. Thanks for simplifying things Brad!"

— Robin Sallay

"SEO Elite™ is one of the best back link analysis and management tools I have come across. I would recommend it to anyone looking to fine tune or watch closely their back links in Google for ranking purposes."

— Benjamin Pfeiffer
Professional SEO

"This is a Dream Tool! Brad, you've done a great job here! I'm a massive advocate of automating as much as possible. Time is money, right?


"SEO Elite™ hits the nail on the head when it comes to saving mega time. In a few short minutes, SEO Elite™ does what a manual process would take literally hours to do. I've added SEO Elite™ to my ever-growing arsenal of must-have tools!"

— Andre Chaperon, Owner/Editor
The no "B.S." Internet marketing Newsletter

"Linking with other related, non-competitive websites is absolutely critical to the success of all online businesses. It will not only bring you pre-qualified traffic from other sites in your field, it will drastically improve your search engine rankings. Without taking advantage of these two strategies, it would be very difficult to become successful on the net.


"SEO Elite™ is an incredible tool that makes monitoring these reciprocal link partnerships with other sites a quick and easy task -- one that would be otherwise impossible to manage. I highly recommend this product to any site looking to increase website traffic and sales!"

— Chad Tackett
Featured in Corey Rudl's
"Secrets To Their Success"

"Hi Brad, I just wanted to tell you that your SEO Elite™ is one of the most useful software programs I own. It was quick and easy for me to use, which I appreciate since I'm not a technical person.


"I like the fact that I can automatically check all the links I traded with other webmasters. This allows me to verify that my links are still on their websites. Doing it automatically with SEO Elite™ sure beats going to all my link partner's websites and manually trying to find my links.


"I also like the fact that I can check my competitor's links and find out which websites they have traded links with. The software lets me see the Page Rank (PR) of these linked pages and how many links are on them. Knowing that, I can then contact these high PR pages and do a link exchange with them also.


"After all, why should I trade links with websites that have a low PR when I can do trades with High PR websites that will eventually help me get a higher PR and ranking for my website? I only hope that my competitors aren't using your software. Best of luck with your software!"

— Barry Stein

"SEO Elite™ is a HUGE time saver! I manage a site with hundreds of resource links. It used to take me hours to check all of the reciprocal link partners to make sure they were still linking to me.


"All I have to do is point SEO Elite™ to my site and it automatically verifies each link for me. Now I can quit wasting time checking on link partners and start finding new sites to trade links with."

— John Hocking
Online Entrepreneur

"There are a lot of tools available for managing and checking links, but SEO Elite™ fills a great niche. It has a very simple interface, it's very fast, and it has proven quite useful in researching our competition."

— Dan Thies
SEO Research Labs

"SEO Elite is a great piece of software that will give you a good picture of your linking strategy. Sure you provide links to other sites on your website, but do they give you a link back?


"When someone links to your site what kind of power do they bring to the table to improve your search engine ranking? You could do all the hard work to get answers to these questions. But why make it hard? SEO Elite™ can come back with the answers in just seconds! I wouldn't even think about beginning a linking campaign without it!"

— Kevin Harris, The Tech Guru

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