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The 'gurus' are FREAKING OUT big time...

"The New Secret Weapon Of Internet Marketing... Unleashed!"

Finally... Even "Average" Online Entrepreneurs Can Instantly FATTEN Their Affiliate commissions, Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple Their Sales With Little Or No Extra Effort!


"I have first page Google rankings for keywords with over 2 BILLION competitors!"

"I have been using SEO Elite for some time now and I find it to be an indispensable tool. I use it almost daily to ensure that my sites are fully optimized within there respective categories."

- Rick Carbone

From: Brad Callen
Indianapolis, IN
Thursday, 5:25 p.m.

Dear Traffic Seeker,

icture yourself receiving checks like these...

A Staggering $214,898.06 In Profits Reeled In On Autopilot!

and imagine your sales reports looking like these...


My Clickbank Account #1
(Below is a screenshot from one of my, many, online financial accounts)

$655,414.50 from this 1 account!


My Clickbank Account #2
(Below is a screenshot from ANOTHER one of my other online financial accounts)

... and $534,933.09 more from another account!

Hold on to that vision cos this could be YOUR reality sooner than you think.

You're Not Alone

I know you're secretly thinking...

"Brad, cut the crap. There's no way my checks and sales reports are gonna look like yours!"

I feel ya.

It seems like only yesterday when I felt like throwing in the towel because my checks just wouldn't get any bigger no matter how much harder I tried!

Trying Is NOT The Answer...

I've walked a mile in your shoes before, so I know exactly how downright frustrating it is to 'try' and keep 'trying'.

Fact: The key to HUGE checks and windfalls of profit is really MORE traffic!






























"We're now receiving atleast 30,000 visitors a month, on average!"

"My site went from nowhere straight to the top for highly competitive keywords such as: marketing expert, internet marketing expert, free marketing articles, marketing blog directory, marketing service providers, and internet marketing secrets."

- Michael Fleischner






Think about it...

Having all the traffic you want allows you to make all the profits you want.

It'll make marketing your products and services seem almost effortless - you'll know exactly how and who to promote your products to… you'll be able to beat every other internet marketer out there at their own game without having to resort to shady programs or having to compete to be noticed and …

Spark An Electrifying Surge In Your Cashflow!

Your website or product's profitability and success is directly dependent on how much traffic, targeted traffic, you get.

If you don't get any (or few) visitors then it's practically impossible to grow your business and see a profit.

But get 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 (or more) visitors a day, week or month and you'll begin to see a "snowballing" effect that'll let you generate cashflow and begin to build the structure for the life you've always wanted.

Unfortunately, generating traffic is probably one of the BIGGEST frustrations most internet marketers have… it's sort of like a dog trying to chase his own tail, you go round and round and round but eventually end up in the same place you began, loopy from the dizzying whirl!

Few of the methods being thrown about online work, others are a complete waste of time and money.

But it doesn't have to be difficult, frustrating or confusing - the days of yanking your hair out trying to figure out how to get the RIGHT PEOPLE to come to your website or see your products are over…

     Download You Copy Of SEO Elite!


Brad Callen's Breakthrough SEO Elite Version 4.0!

The Internet's Most Powerful
SEO Software!



"I've made about $1,000 in affiliate commissions from some very obscure keywords!"


"Hi Brad! SEO Elite is great, even for people new to the Internet and Search. I've been using SEO to not only evalutate my site's linking progress, but to also research keyterms that are in demand that I can use as titles for posts in my blog. And for tight niches, forget about it.

So far I've made about $1000 in affiliate commissions from some very "obscure" yet profitable keywords. Anyone wanting to learn SEO, SEO elite will get you there fastest."

- Rian Brooklyn















      How I Did It And More Importantly,
               How You Can Do It Too!


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It's really not that difficult.

I did it using my search engine optimization software. (Boy is that a surprise...)

It's not rocket science. All I did was use my SEO software to propel myself to the top of the various search engines, and as a result I got more traffic from the search engines. That's it!

"Wait a minute Brad. I think I'm starting to get it..."

You Mean You Actually Used Search Engine Optimization?

Yup, that's right... I use this search engine ranking software on ALL of my websites.

And while you're thinking "WOAH, I already have difficulty turning on my computer...", there really is no need for you to be intimidated by these 3 words.

Let me explain...

Search Engine Optimization, is sorely misunderstood for the most part by Internet Marketers.

They think this is stuff for 'geeks only', but in reality, you should really LOVE these 3 words.

You see, a properly optimized website, is like a magnet to search engines and attracts website visitors the same way moths are attracted to a light bulb on a dark night, and this sort of traffic that you get from the Search Engines is called "Organic Search Engine Traffic".

Organic Search Engine Traffic is simply put, "Type-In Traffic". People arrive at your website because they typed in a keyword or a phrase that is relevant to your website, and because your site had proper optimization, your site shows up in the first few positions of the search results and gets the click-thru from the searcher.

4 Good Reasons Why Attracting Organic Search Engine Traffic Makes Increasing Sales As Easy As Shooting Fish In A Barrel!

Organic Search Engine Traffic Is...

  • 100% Free! (You don't have to pay for traffic)

  • 100% targeted! (What could be more targeted than a person who actually SEARCHED for what you're offering?)

  • 100% Auto-pilot! (You don't have to send any emails or place any ads. Your visitors will come round the clock regardless of where you are or what you're doing)

  • 100% Hassle Free! (You don't have deal with SPAM issues like having your website being blacklisted just because of some fruitcake who forgot that he opted in...)

Try finding any other sort of ' free traffic' that meets this criteria?

So why wouldn't you want to optimize your website for the search engines?


More Targeted Visitors = More Sales!

"Before using SEO Elite I was bringing in $500 per month. And after I purchased SEO Elite, I'm now earning $3,000+ per month!"

"SEO Elite has helped my business go immensly.

Specific keywords that help my business grow are ebooks, ebook marketing course, ebook marketing, business ebook marketing, ebook marketing site web, ebook resell, ebook business, marketing ebooks.

Before I was using SEO Elite my business was only bringing in $500 per month. Now with SEO Elite my monthly business is $3,000.00 per month. And the dollars increase monthly.

Without SEO Elite it was like working. Now I have time and freedom to myself."

- Debbie Womack

And if you're dead serious about increasing your sales and profits AND your time off, you cannot afford not to have my SEO software, simply because you do NOT have to go through the steep learning curve of learning Search Engine Optimization.

All you have to do is follow the easy instructions, "do this, then do that" and it'll do virtually all the SEO work for you!

It really shouldn't be this easy, but it is!























































































































































Of course...

You might be saying to yourself, "Brad, that's fine and dandy that you can get so much traffic using your SEO Software, but what about me?

Can I achieve similar results?"


Don't Take My Word For It, Look At The Incredible Results Our Customers Are Getting...

"Since purchsing SEO Elite, we have raised out rankings in Google because..."
"Since we purchased SEO Elite we have raised our rankings in Google because the program helped us find quality link partners. Increased link popularity definitely made the difference in our success."
Armand Audette
Search Engine Keyword Rank Competition
Google baby quilts 1 2,080,000
Yahoo baby quilts 1 3,550,000
MSN baby quilts 1 268,277

"SEO Elite has helped me to rank #1 for the phrase "business practices"
"SEO Elite has helped me to rank #1 for the phrase "business practices". It has made a great many things so much... simpler... faster... better. The really huge plus that SEO Elite provides is the savings of time, which is major to me."
Tom Goniwiecha
Search Engine Keyword Rank Competition
Google Business Practices 1 149,000,000

"SEO Elite is my glass when it comes to looking at my page from an SEO point of view..."
"You know when you want a drink of water and you automatically reach out for a glass?

Well SEO Elite is my glass when it comes to looking at my page from a Search Engine Optimization point of view.

Everything else just makes a mess."

David Foard
Search Engine Keyword Rank Competition
Google online jewelry appraisals 1 1,240,000
Yahoo online jewelry appraisals 1 47,000

"Took client's site to a page 1 ranking for many of their selected keywords!"
"Over time we started out with a 200+ placement in most of the search engines. Through using SEO Elite I pulled the clients site to Page 1 ranking for many of their selected keywords in Google, Yahoo and MSN."
Daryl Austman
Search Engine Keyword Rank Competition
MSN rcmp collectibles 2 6,189
Yahoo rcmp collectibles 2 36,500

So User-friendly Even Technophobes Can Use It...

While SEO Elite is the most user friendly SEO Software on the planet, I know some get scared when they hear the words "search engine optimization" and "software" in the same sentence :-)
Well, I've got something that will put your mind at ease. We provide you with, what I like to call, a "Fool Proof" Guide to follow.
It's written for the absolute beginner, but covers things that only the most advanced search engine optimizers know.
These are things that professional SEO's charge thousands of dollars to do for their clients!

This guide will literally take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to maximize your use of SEO Elite.  

It cuts right to the chase, down to the nitty gritty core. It is Not 1000 pages long of blah blah blah of technical jargon or crap and fluff.  

This guide alone is valued at over $97 and will show you how to take your website from nowhere to be found, to the top of the search engines in as little as a few weeks.

It's Your Turn To Dominate The Search Engines Now!

"I think you can say the results below speak for themselves..."

"Brad, I just wanted to say thank you for both SEO Elite and Keyword Elite. Having used SEO Elite for a couple of months now, I think you can say the results below speak for themselves...


Keyword ranking from Google:

- Britains Farm Toys Ranked No.1 Competition 1,290,000
- Little Red Tractor Toys Ranked No.1 Competition 1,030,000
- Toy Story Woody Figure Ranked No.1 Competition 1,560,000
- Orange County Chopper Models Ranked No.1 Competition 643,000
- Teletubbies Toys Ranked No. 2 behind Amazon Competition 877,000

Thanks again Brad for two amaxing products."

- Howard Shaw

Click here to read more 500+ testimonials

11 Supercharged Wallet Fattening Features!

Let's take a quick look at some more of SEO Elite's power-packed features.

Discover how any page ranks at the top of the Search Engines. And that goes for the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista and Alltheweb. Finally, the keys to command top-10 listings are yours in mere seconds with SEO Elite™ 4.0!
Instantly finds hundreds of high page rank websites in your field. That way, you know who among your competitors are doing well. By the way, this is one of the most powerful features of the SEO software, because there are entire tools created to do only this single feature!
Searches for Super Affiliates willing to promote your products. By learning who's promoting who, you access star-affiliates promoting your competitors (or related products and services), and can capture a piece of the action! Again, entire tools — some costing upwards of $97! — exist for this single feature. But it's all included in SEO Elite™ 4.0.
Shows immediately which partners are still linking back to you. This feature alone slashes your workload time in half or more! No need to manually follow-up with each and every linking partner.
Allows you to do a backlink search on all major search engines. This includes Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, Altavista, MSN.
Learns how many and which pages each major search engine has indexed. This is very important when optimizing your webpages. It's good to keep a close eye on how long it takes for your pages to get indexed. And SEO Elite™ 4.0 instantly tells you how many pages there are. Again, there are entire products that do ONLY this feature and charge over 100 bucks!
Notifies and keeps a daily, weekly, and monthly change record of where your website is ranked for ANY search term. Plus, it does so on all of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, MSN and Altavista. (Pretty fast, too!) So you monitor your ranking, and know when it's high or if it ever slips for whatever reason!
Analyzes and compares special search commands on Google to the "regular" Google search rankings— such as "allinanchor, allintext, and allintitle". This will help you know which area you need to better optimize; whether it is your anchor text surrounding your links, the number of times the keyword is found in your text, or the number of times your keyword is found in the title of each webpage.
Finds exactly which websites your competitors are advertising on. This is a great way to find websites to advertise your product. If your competitor has advertised on a specific website for months, the you know it's profitable — and now you can steal their spot!
Allows you to eliminate any penalized websites you link to. In other words, by knowing which link partners have been penalized by Google, you can quickly take corrective action before it gets to you! This is a great feature that ensures you NEVER get penalized, too.
Plus much more!

Quite simply, no other application in the world compares to the power of this brand-new, cutting edge SEO software. And no other application in the world can nearly guarantee YOU a #1 Search Engine Ranking!

Get YOUR #1 Search Engine Ranking!

Look at it this way. The search engine optimization software pays for itself in no time. It does so in both time saved and money made from using it.

Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Traffic Generating Solution Unless It Meets The Following 6 Criteria!

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

One: It must be hands free. We Internet Marketers have more important things in life to do, like going to the gym and fishing. :-)

Two: You MUST be able to profit in the process.

Three: It must comply with "Don't Make Me Think". We have more than enough things in life to think about than to scratch our heads over a poorly written manual that is stuffed with jargon, grammatical errors and fluff.

Four: It should be a one time investment.

Five: It must be able to pay for itself. Preferably within a few hours of purchase.

Six: It must work.

What It Could Cost You If You Don't Get SEO Elite!

You've seen how easy SEO Elite™ 4.0 works. You've seen firsthand results of how it made three of my websites a success. And you've just seen a ton of testimonials from recognized SEO experts and clients.

By now, you're probably wondering how much your investment in it is.

Well, think about this.

Let's say each hour you spend optimizing your website is worth $25. (And that doesn't take into account the money you could make if you spent it on other, more productive marketing activities.)

OK, let's also say you spend at least — and that's bare minimum! — 3 hours every 2 weeks optimizing your website.

That comes out to $150 a month of your time (that's up to $1,950 a year) just for optimizing your own website.

Now think about the amount of money you would spend hiring a professional search engine optimizer to get your website to the top of the search engines.

FACT: Most SEOs charge upwards of $4,500 a month!

So, in one month's time you'll spend over $4,650 managing a linking campaign and optimizing your website. That's over $55,000 a year!

Now consider this...

Because SEO Elite is, hands down, the most powerful search engine optimization product on the market, it would be completely feasible to charge over $700 for this powerful product. Compare $700 to the $55,000 per year you would have to fork over to a professional search engine optimizer... At $700, that would be a complete steal.

But, I'm going to do even better than that because I want to make SEO Elite affordable for the average webmaster. SEO Elite™ 4.0 AND all software upgrades are yours forever for a 1 time payment of $167.

I would sell it cheaper, but I refuse to sell SEO Elite for any less, simply because it's THAT much better than any other product on the market.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

If you're not serious about getting top search engine rankings then SEO Elite is not for you. $167 truly is a steal, as SEO Elite really does pay for itself.

That's why SEO experts, webmasters and astute Internet marketers are buying this search engine ranking software like crazy.
In fact, since word is getting out about SEO Elite™ 4.0, let me warn you, you don't want a competitor using it against you.

Because they can use SEO Elite™ 4.0 to neutralize your linking structure by quickly coming up with one that's always better than yours.

Thus you always stay behind their website.

Listen, you don't want that to happen to you.

That's why now's the perfect time to download SEO Elite™ 4.0. Once your acceptance is processed, you can immediately access and download your copy of SEO Elite™ 4.0.

"You must have SEO Elite or you will be at a distinct disadvantage to those that do."

"I have trained thousands of people in the advanced techniques of search engine marketing, and SEO Elite is one of the "must-have" tools. If you are at all serious about getting ranked in the organic (free) search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN, you must have SEO Elite, or you will be at a distinct disadvantage to those who do.

SEO professionals regard SEO Elite as an indispensable weapon in their arsenal. Whether you are a professional serving other clients or just beginning to go after better rankings for your own site, get SEO Elite and use it. I do, and so do my my students -- and their results speak for themselves."

- Brad Fallon
SEO Guru

Click here to read more 500+ testimonial

For FREE If You Choose...

You see, I'm so sure of the increased performance this incredible tool brings to any site that I am willing to put the entire risk on my shoulders... you can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. And if it does, you'll get your money back and that will be it.

And this guarantee is valid for a full 60 days! Go ahead and download SEO Elite™ 4.0 today.

Then, use it to discover how to create a winning linking structure that nails top ten search engine listings. Put that into action and enjoy the sales that pour in.

If after doing that, within 60 days you aren't thrilled with SEO Elite™ 4.0, then just say the word and I'll refund your money with no questions asked. And we'll still part as friends.

Fair enough?

But wait! There's more...

Try SEO Elite™ 4.0 today and you'll get the following absolutely free..

"Over $3,500 In Exclusive Bonuses! Yours Absolutely FREE!"

Free Lifetime SEO Software Upgrades ($499.95 Value)

... and you'll receive:

SEO forum graphic

Access To The SEO Elite Members Forum
You'll also have FULL access to our SEO Elite members forum where you can personally ask me ANY questions you have, at any time. I always reply within a few minutes. This is absolutely crazy support, offered nowhere else. That I can guarantee.

Access to over $3,000 worth of live, weekly, 90 minute Elite Sessions coaching calls (complete with mp3 download) with internet marketing experts like Mark Joyner, Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Gary Ambrose, and many many more!

Mark Joyner Mike Filsaime Russell Brunson Gary Ambrose

We closely monitor the SEO world and quickly add new features to SEO Elite™ as the search engines change. Plus, you're also going to receive a very powerful mystery bonus, which you will absolutely love!

Caution: But you better hurry, because at the rate the software is selling right now, I can't allow too many people to get these free bonuses for long. In fact, I'm going to revise this in the next 4 days. If you don't get your copy today, you might lose out.

Should Traffic Generating Software This Powerful Be Banned?

Right now, you're just a couple of clicks away from having a simple, easy to use software program that'll ferret out what your competitors are doing to get higher search engine listings than you.

You're going to discover exactly how to get and maintain high search engine rankings.

Plus, you'll know everything humanly possible about your competitor's linking strategy and you'll know EXACTLY why they rank so well in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Most importantly ... you'll free up hours your time from doing the labor of managing a link campaign. That's worth more than ten times your investment in SEO Elite™ .

What's more, the boost in traffic and sales that'll come in will more than pay for SEO Elite™ many, many times over. And you can see for yourself that it does all this at zero-risk.

Just think, in about 10 minutes from now you could be cranking into your site a truck load of  visitors, which turn into SALES!


I don't know if you can visualize your inbox jammed packed full of emails informing you of hundreds of signups and sales that YOU have made...with hardly any effort...

Imagine all of the time that this system will save you!

Time that you could invest into other, more IMPORTANT things, whether in your business or in your personal life!

Realize the potential that this SEO software will produce for you once it starts to "SNOWBALL" thru the entire internet, bringing you qualified leads round the clock non-stop 24/7!

And since you've read all the way till here, you MUST be seriously interested in getting more free traffic and increasing your profits!

It's the ultimate fantasy of every 'lazy guy' out there and SEO Elite™ will work for you in spite of yourself, in spite of your competition, and even if you're not too motivated.

It's a no-brainer -- do yourself a favor, download SEO Elite right now, put it to work for you, and start getting the results you've always dreamed about, absolutely risk free!





























































































































































"I'm Now Getting Over 4 Times The Traffic To My Website Each Month!"

"Hey Brad, my traffic has gone from a little over 10,000 visitors per month, on average, to OVER 40,000 visitors, on average, per month after purchasing and using SEO Elite!"

- Jermaine Tabor






















































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* Important Disclaimer: Because of the powerful analysis capabilities found in SEO Elite, I am obligated to tell you that using SEO Elite in any unethical way to cause deliberate harm to a competitor's website is strictly prohibited. You are required to only use SEO Elite to improve your own search engine rankings. By purchasing, you agree to follow these guidelines.



Brad Callen
Bryxen Software™
SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer

P.S. #1:  A measly one time only investment ends all your traffic woes, fattens your list, boosts your sales, increases your profits without having to spend an additional red dime AND increases your free time! You've read the copy, the proof, testimonials,  and endorsement by leading SEO experts. I think you'll agree, this could possibly be the best investment you'll ever make!

P.S. #2: Here are MANY more search engine ranking results from SEO Elite customers

"I managed to elevate this client's website rankings from total obscurity to #1!"


"Brad, I am more than happy with Seo Elite. In fact, 'ecstatic' would be a better description! Now, just for the record, I am a web designer and seo consultant myself, so I have high standards and demands when it comes to seo tools.

Late last year, I began using Seo Elite (in conjunction with Keyword Elite) to assist with the optimization of a client's web site in the property inspection niche. I managed to elevate this client's web site rankings from 'total obscurity' to #1 on Yahoo for no less than 10 sepatate keywords and key phrases; #2 in Yahoo for 2 key phrases; #3 in Yahoo for 1 key phrase; #4 in Yahoo for 3 key phrases; plus a 4th, 5th and 6th place ranking. Altavista rankings were as follows: #2 for two key phrases.

AllTheWeb: #1 for 12 key phrases; #2 for 1 key phrase; #3 for two key phrases; #4 for 3 key phrases; plus a #5 and #6 ranking. Google rankings, have seen the keyword phrase 'building problems' rank #2 out 225,000,000 for over two months for this site between November 2006 and January 2007. There are too many more top rankings to mention here, but hopefully this will give you some idea of "just how world class SEO Elite really is!!!"

- Bruce Smeaton

"I am now ranked #1 in Google for the term, only bracelets!"

"I Purchased SEO Elite around 1 and a half 2 Months Ago And Have Seen Immediate Results! Until now I was doing things blindly, but now the situation have changed and I can say that they were right when they say in video presentation that they should keep it for themselves. This tool gives you an incredible advantage against my competition.

Thanks to SEO Elite I am now ranked #1 in Google for the term "only bracelets" in less than a month with my site. I couldn't believe it, but Google dosent lie. Now I have more confidence that I will succeed also with my future projects. SEO Elite also saves me lots of hours of research, giving me the exact results I need, for which I was wasting hours and days in the past. Now I have more time to spend with my family and friends. Everybody knows that "Time is Money". And again they was right when they say that is worth multiple times the price."

- Cojocariu Ovidiu

"SEO Elite has enabled me to rank in the top 5 of Google, top 3 of Yahoo, & top 2 of MSN!"

"SEO Elite has enabled me to rank in the top 5 of Google, top 3 of Yahoo and top 2 of MSN for the search terms "car rental perth". I now receive 70 to 100 unique visitors to my site each day, all free traffic from search engines.

My competitors spend a fortune on Adwords to try and get the same results, but with SEO Elite I can save 100's of dollars per month. The analysis tools allow me to stay a jump ahead of my competition. And unlike a lot of other software you buy, SEO Elite is regularly updated and enhanced to cater for any search engine changes. The regular emails I receive from Brad also provide great tips and strategies to keep my website ranking well."

- David Glendinning

"... websites running that are in totally different markets and they are now both ranking in the top of Google thanks to SEO Elite!"


"Hey Brad, I've got a couple websites running that are in totally different markets and they are now both ranking in the top 10 on google thanks to SEO Elite (and keyword elite).

When I say ranking, I mean #1 on multiple keyword phrases for one of my sites, and I expect to see the same results on my other site once I get my link partner replies. This of course has spawned SOOO many more ideas and markets I want to tap into using your software. For anyone that is serious about taking their online business to the next level (beyond a mere hobby or side-project), you NEED to have these tools - it's just not an option.

I can't even begin to calculate the number of hours I have saved (not to mention brain damage) since using your software. Keep up the great work, and that reminds me, I have to call one of your great support guys as he offered to help me over the phone after a few emails back and forth about a question I had. cheers"

- Tavis Yeung


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* Important Disclaimer: Because of the powerful analysis capabilities found in SEO Elite, I am obligated to tell you that using SEO Elite in any unethical way to cause deliberate harm to a competitor's website is strictly prohibited. You are required to only use SEO Elite to improve your own search engine rankings. By purchasing, you agree to follow these guidelines.



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