"I have learned more in your first three lessons than I did reading 6 web traffic books..."

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From: Rosemcelticlady@aol.com
To: info@seoelite.com
Subject: Dear Brad

I would like to thank you for your Massive Website Traffic lessons, I have learned more in the first 3 lessons than I have from reading 6 web traffic books over the last few months.

The books out there vary from unhelpful, to out of date, to conflicting, however I have made some progress I got an alexa rating of 4 million moved to 850000 over 4 months and another from 5.4 million to 1.6 million in 7 days so I am heading in the right direction.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Jim Barrie

"I count the day I found Brad Callen as being one of the luckiest days in my career so far!"

As an affiliate manager, I count the day I found Brad Callen as being one of the luckiest days in my career so far. I have been amazed at how quickly he is able to take over the #1 spot in Google for practically any term.

Within the past three months, Brad has become one of the leading revenue generators for several of our products. Brad has proven that, within a matter of days, he can get to the #1 position for any keywords that relate to our products. Whenever we launch a new product or offer, I make sure to get it to Brad right away because I know I'll see him at the top of the search engines within 1 or 2 weeks at the most.

Sue Sharp
Sales & Marketing

"I marvel at how generous you are with your knowledge... no one else comes close!"

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From: Ralph Hoffmann [mailto:right@skypoint.com]
To: Brad Callen
Subject: Re: Ralph, This Is Possibly The Biggest Misconception About Ranking
Well In The Search Engines...

For the past week I have scoured the Internet and arrived at about 50%
pf the material in this lesson 11. It's great.

I marvel at how generous you are with your knowledge...no one else
comes close.



"I've learned more about how the internet works from you than any other source on the internet!"

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From: Scott Schall [mailto:scott@a-q-p.com]
To: Brad Callen
Subject: Re: Scott, here's an SEO Elite special surprise for you...

Thank you Brad,

Your information is incredibly helpful and useful. I have learned more about how the Internet and e-commerce works from you than any other source on the Internet.

Thank you again,

Scott Schall

"I'm glad that I found someone who cuts
straight to the chase!"

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From: V. Kapetani [mailto:victoria@coolbuild.com]
To: 'Brad Callen'
Subject: some feedback for Brad

Dear Brad,

Just wanted to say how much I am learning from your lessons! I have bought many SEO ebooks, paid for SEO help (the worse mistake I made), joined online classes and all the stuff we do when we are trying so desperately to learn how to do SEO correctly.

I wanted to tell you that I LIKE that you are straight and to the point, you give clear examples with just enough detail. You don't talk about widgets (whatever the heck those are anyways!) but about real live and easy to follow examples. I have bought the SeoElite, and I'm trying to figure out how to use it, but even better is the wonderful SeoElite forum you have which I am learning so much from.

Thank you! I've been researching SEO for along time now, and I'm glad that I found someone who cuts straight to the chase!

Best Regards,
Victoria Kapetani

"... first let me just say that I love your lessons!"

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From: *~~Lady Trucker~~* [mailto:tnttrucker@hotmail.com]
To: Brad Callen
Subject: Re: Tammy, here's your personal strategy to outrank ANY website!

Hi, first let me just say that I "love" your lessons! I am learning so much, and I love the way you have your site built and do your ezines! My question is, or what I want to "learn" is, how to keep myself busy and motivated like you do?!?! I am sorta stalled, and most times just don't have any motivation to get busy at all... so , what keeps you going like this? What's your secret?

thanks so much for all your help and the great lessons, for taking the time to share with us all your expertise...

Tammy Burkhart

"This is seriously the BEST newsletter!"

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From: cp
To: Brad Callen
Subject: Re: Chris, get visitors to your site in under 60 seconds...

This is seriously the BEST newsletter! Keep the lessons coming!


"This is the first time I feel like someone was coaching me behind my should while reading
your lesson..."

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From: Alain vôtre dévoué
To: info@seoelite.com

Hi Brad,

I am new to this kind of marketing/techniques and i have lots to catch and learn but this is the first time i feeled like someone was coaching me behind my shoulder when i was reading your lessons, these lessons was like a step by step blue print plan.

You go straight to the points, it's very precise, with all the clear examples you gave you just have to apply them and ''voilà'' you are ''en route'' to have a good website.

Thank you for giving such nice tips, you are very generous.


Alain Aubertin

"The info you give here is superb. I really did not know all this..."

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From: avwaard@planet.nl
To: Brad Callen
Subject: Re: Ton, here's what the SEO pro's are hiding from you!

Hi Brad!

Thank's for this fantastic little course on SEO. So far I have
downloaded the first 4 chapters and I can't wait to get more. The info
you give here is superb, I really did not know all this. I am working
on my website and soon I hope to be on line, I will certainly grab a
copy of SEOelite to automate the things that need to be done on my site.

Again thank you for giving such valuable info for free, I appreciate it.


Ton van Waard
The Netherlands

"Thank you for the SEO lessons. I have learnt so much from them!"

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From: Nick Rayner
To: info@seoelite.com
Subject: Thanks

Thank you for the SEO lessons and power strategies. I have learnt so much from these lessons. Together with SEO Elite I have made a strong start in my first attempts at becoming self-employed via the internet.



"I read all your lessons with great plessure... and also noticed you're a really nice guy."

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From: Alex
To: seo@seoelite.com
Subject: Are you looking for students ?

Hello, my name is Alex and I am 18 years old. I read all your lessons with great pleasure and besides the useful information I learned I noticed you are a really nice guy.

Best regards,
Alex Martin

"When I first started marketing my sites I only wish I had this type of info..."

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From: Marc David [mailto:marc_david@hotmail.com]
To: info@seoelite.com
Subject: RE: Marc, SEO Power Strategies Guide - Day 4 is here


I've been reading your 12 part series so far and I've must say...

It's wonderful! When I first started marketing my sites I only wish I had this type of info. Your PDF are easy to read, focus on one aspect and by the time I'm at lesson 12, I've basically got a book.

"You are giving people what really works!"

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From: Michele Miller
To: info@seoelite.com
Subject: About your SEO E-course

Hi Brad,

(If Brad does not see this email, could you please forward it to him. I know a lot of people outsource their email help nowadays. Something I need to do myself.)

I would just like to say that I really enjoyed your E-course about SEO. I am a Net Marketer and have been on the Net a few years, I've also seen you around on the Blake Forum and The Warriors. I spent the first 18 months of my Net business studying SEO and am really pleased I did so. There is a lot of controversy regarding this subject as I'm sure you know.

Anyway, I recently signed up for your E-course, out of curiosity actually, and was happy to find that we agree totally on everything about SEO. I'm not an expert though, and I'm not in the SEO field at all, I just wanted to give myself the best possible chance of good rankings and that's why I studied everything I could about them back then. One of my sites is www.medical-transcription-at-home.com and I am in the process of developing more ebooks and software etc.

I suppose I wanted also to send you a testimonial in part, because you provide great information about SEO.

I wanted to let you know that I recommend your ecourse about SEO to many people and have directed several people recently to sign up for it, because it can't be beat. Just wanted to say "Good Job!" You show people the "right way" to optimize their sites without tricks and fads. You are giving people what really works.

Best regards,

Michele Miller